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EUvis™. Product Information

Video-based Monitoring

  • Flame analysis and burn-out grate monitoring
  • Continous supervision of critical areas e.g. boiler walls, ash hopper and heat exchangers
  • Water-cooled camera housing with pneumatic retraction unit
  • Various front optics with purging air adapter
  • Digital image acquisition and processing
  • Applicable to all types of fuel


  • Real-time supervision of combustion quality
  • Adjustment of burner operation and flame appearance
  • Direct identification of deposits and/or damages
  • Flame positioning
  • Immediate reaction to critical situations for increased plant safety
  • Evaluation and controlling of the soot blowing effectiveness
  • Avoiding of tube damages

EUvis Product Information

The EUvis system is also available as mobile version:
EUvis mobile Product Information

EUvis system set-up

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