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EUtech Scientific Engineering GmbH
Dennewartstr. 25 – 27
52068 Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49 241 / 963 – 2380
Fax: +49 241 / 963 – 2389
Email: sales(at)eutech.de


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Contact our distributors

To meet your local interests we have established a distribution network. Our partners around the world work directly with us to bring our innovative technology to you. To contact a distributor in your area, please select your location and click on the contact person to send your inquiry.



EUtech Distributor HRL Technology Group Pty Ltd
HRL Technology Group Pty Ltd

Contact: Mr. Andrew James



EUtech distributor Activ Project Management GmbH

ACTIV Project Management GmbH

Contact: Mr. Andrej Staric

Phone: +386-40-222-366

EUtech distributor Indocean Engineers

Indocean Engineers

Contact: Mr. Ghrinesh Bhagia

Phone: +91-40-2341-4813

DANA Energy & Environment Technology Ltd.

Contact: Dr. Abas Sadat

Phone: +98-9123816397

EUtech distributor ICE Tech. Co., Ltd

ICE Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. S.Y. Park

Phone: +82-31-737-5201

EUtech distributor Power & Industrial Services Cooperation

Power & Industrial Services Corporation

Contact: Mr. Lawrence G. Shekell

Phone: +1-724-379-4477

EUtech Scientific Engineering

EUtech Scientific Engineering

Contact: Dr. Francesco Turoni

Phone: +49-241-963-2369

Contact Information

EUtech Scientific Engineering GmbH
Dennewartstraße 25 - 27
52068 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 963 1989
Fax: +49 241 963 1989
Email: info@eutech-scientific.de
Web: www.eutech-scientific.de