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EUsoft air™. Taking control of air flow.

Taking control of air flow

EUsoft air is proven to be an effective and robust instrument to determine air flows at each burner and in particular is the basic module for a proper control of air requirement to secure emission limts and to lower excess air. The performance and reliability of the EUsoft air system under the frequent change of operating conditions and loads is classified as very satisfying.

Horst Hoffmann, RWE Power AG

Efficient and optimal process control requires precise and reliable process information. This is particularly true for the air flow distribution in a thermal steam generating unit. The challenge is to achieve perfect mixing of the air and the fuel at the individual burners, as this has strong repercussions on efficiency, emissions and combustion quality. Conventional air flow measurement technology reaches its natural limits when equipping an entire boiler. Not only is it too costly to install, the maintenance burden is very high, and, above all, the readings are not as accurate and robust as required over the entire operating range.

This is where EUsoft air steps in, a next generation virtual sensor. Essentially, it is a clever piece of software that continuously determines the complete air flows from readily available DCS data. By using all relevant information EUsoft air provides a robust signal that can be used to replace conventional air flow measurement technology. This approach not only applies for steam generating units but for every application where air or other gaseous media are measured.

EUsoft air system

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