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EUvis insitu™. Intelligent boiler condition monitoring.

Intelligent boiler condition monitoring

We successfully applied a total of twenty (20) EUvis insitu systems at boilers with operating temperatures up to 1,250 °C to monitor and analyze sooting and slagging. By means of state-of-the-art image processing technology the thickness of deposits are continuously determined with high accuracy.

Sang-Yeong Park, ICE Technology Co., Ltd.

The condition of the boiler tubes has a significant influence on boiler operation and efficiency. Slagging and fouling reduce the heat exchanger efficiency, disturb the local heat balance and require expensive on-load cleaning. Worse, slagging and fouling may prove irreversible if corrective action is not initiated in a timely manner. Excessive cleaning, however, leads to tube ruptures – the root cause of many forced outages.

EUvis insitu is a one-of-a-kind fully insertable camera system. It traverses the boiler under full load operation to constantly monitor the condition of the boiler tubes.

EUvis insitu boiler condition monitoring system

EUvis insitu boiler video

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