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EUvis™. Furnace monitoring and flame analysis.

Furnace monitoring and flame analysis

We have found the EUvis system to be a very helpful instrument to adjust combustion parameters, facilitate boiler operation and improve work safety. Thanks to the reliable technology and responsive service of EUtech we are now in the position to continuously manage critical operating conditions and ensure proper ash removal of the unit.

Nesib Mujezinovic, ITC d.o.o.

An unbalanced combustion process caused by flame displacements, low burn-out rates and deposits has a significant influence on boiler efficiency. High temperature corrosion and thermal stresses can lead to boiler tube ruptures. In addition, slagging and fouling reduce the heat exchanger efficiency, disturb the local heat balance and require expensive on-load cleaning.

EUvis is a specially designed monitoring system for online analysis of combustion processes inside furnaces. It helps to keep close track of the process and operating conditions, and identifies problem areas early in advance. The powerful software tool helps to automatically analyze and evaluate process information – such as flame position and deposit thickness – using edge detection algorithms.

EUcoalflow coal flow measuring system

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