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EUcoalflow™. Online coal flow measurement.

Online coal flow measurement

The EUcoalflow microwave-based technology has been successfully applied to coal flow pipes after mills for mass flow monitoring and are used as basis for improvement of coal flow distribution.

Eric De Beer, Verve Energy

The air-fuel-ratio (AFR) has a strong impact on the combustion process. It influences ignition delay, combustion efficiency and LoI (loss on ignition), the emission levels as well as slagging and fouling. In order to improve combustion quality and boiler performance online reading of the coal flow in each coal pipe is required.

EUcoalflow is an online system for dynamic coal flow monitoring and balancing. It is based on non-intrusive micro-wave sensors which continuously measure the mass flow and coal velocity inside coal pipes and quantify the imbalance of coal flow from pipe to pipe. In combination with Total AFR™ Management EUcoalflow enables to adjust the air-fuel-ratio at burner level.

EUcoalflow coal flow measuring system

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