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Engineering Services. We control combustion.

Utilities and companies in the power generating industry not only face the competitiveness of the global markets but have to cope with an ever increasing hunger for power while simultaneously being challenged with climate change issues and emission regulations. The age of the existing fleet of power plants contributes to these problems. We have developed an efficient suite of solutions to improve plant performance and reduce emissions while keeping capital expenditure in check.

With our industry expertise and deep knowledge of applicable technologies we are able to offer our customers high quality, practical and deliverable advice and help them to successfully find solutions.

EUtech Performance Analysis

With budgets tight and a relentless need for operational efficiency we have the right solution – our Performance Analysis.
It is a well designed methodology cast into an effective process that enables us to investigate, analyze and, finally, help you to improve your combustion system. Your benefit is a quick but deep insight into combustion related performance issues.

EUtech’s approach:

  1. Pre-Analysis – Identification of potential root causes and possible counter measures
  2. Measurement – target oriented determination of problems using mobile online measurement equipment
  3. Online-Validation – Validation of counter measures and quantification of their impact on the process
  4. Process optimization evaluation – Final evaluation and recommendation for actions

Identify your combustion issues and make the most of your assets. EUtech’s Performance Analysis is a cost-effective alternative to expensive retrofits – the best value for money.

Measurement – Control – Optimization:

  • Process engineering consultancy
  • Thermal analysis
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Performance upgrades
  • Firing system optimization

Your benefits:

  • Increased availability
  • Greater reliability in operations
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fuel savings
  • Utilizing capacity reserves


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