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EUsoft sensor. Substitute signals with virtual sensors.

Substitute signals with virtual sensors



Max Mustermann, RWE Power AG

An efficient and powerful process control system requires precise and reliable sensor data. In many cases the availability of modern plants is limited by error-prone sensors. Sensor malfunctions cause suboptimal boiler operation and efficiency losses. Moreover sensor redundancy is very cost-intensive.

Modern DCS and IT systems continuously record reams of data with high information redundancy. From this data EUsoft sensor creates virtual sensor signals to verify real measured data signals and to provide reliable substitute signals. By this means of incorrect measured values or damaged sensors can be detected in an early stage.

Virtual EUsoft sensors do not exist physically, but are realized in software. They “measure” (calculate) values that are derived from the measured values of real sensors with the help of an empirically learned or physical model.

EUsoft air system

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