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EUcoalsizer™. Product Information

Fuel Flow Analysis

  • Direct reading of particle size distribution, velocity and temperature
  • Continuous measurement capability
  • Real performance monitoring
  • Coal flow and air/fuel distribution tuning
  • Spatially resolved readings (2D-distribution)
  • Fast tuning of modern burners and feeders e.g. low NOx burners, dynamic feeders
  • Applicable to various solid fuels e.g. hard coal, biomass, lignite


  • Real-time mill adjustment and fuel line balancing
  • Condition-based pulverizer maintenance
  • Improvement of fuel consumption efficiency
  • Reduction of emissions and LoI
  • Combustion quality enhancement
  • Advantages over isokinetic sampling method, e.g. results available online in real-time

EUcoalsizer Product Information

EUcoalsizer system set-up

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