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Monitoring burn-out grate. Mar. 25, 2016

Safe boiler operation with EUvis thermo

The control of proper coal burnout on the burnout grate is important for safe boiler operation. Deposits may lead to blockages and in consequence to undesired forced outage of the unit. In order to ensure safe and efficient operation Temoelektrana Tuzla applied EUvis furnace camera technology to monitor and to analyze burning coal and deposits on the burnout grate. With EUvis thermo software in place visual inspection and thermographical analysis of the processes are possible, as there are the measurement of pile-up, the quantification of local temperature distribution and the identification of irregularities. Thanks to the reliable technology Temoelektrana Tuzla is now in the position to continuously manage critical operating conditions and ensure proper ash removal.

EUvis thermo at TE Tuzla

EUvis thermo at TE Tuzla

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