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EUvis thermo case study – 300 MWel oil- & gas-fired boilers in Kuwait.

EUtech in joint cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) and Babcock Borsig
Steinmüller in Kuwait (BBS) present a case study for operation reliability, safety and flexibility
enhancement of eight gas- and oil-fired units at Sabiya I in Kuwait at the 50th Kraftwerkstechnisches
Kolloquium in Dresden on October 23rd. This study demonstrates the system application, features and









Learn more about our online furnace and flame monitoring system with thermographical analysis.
Furnace and flame analysis, safe combustion and operation monitoring with HD-technology images
improve flexibility, operation reliability and safety.
Our model-based design allows quick and easy design and application of the EUvis camera system,
enables best possible results right from start and reduces the risk of suboptimal installation.

Furnace monitoring and flame analysis

The successful installation at Sabiya I power and desalination plant, its convincing performance and
the achieved results under these harsh climatic conditions induced MEW to awarded Babcock Borsig
Steinmüller and EUtech for the supply of the EUvis furnace camera systems at all eight units of Doha
West Power Station (Kuwait), as well.
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