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EUflame as essential part of SNCR systems. Apr. 06, 2016

EUflame 2D at Police Power Station

EUflame 2D at TP Police

EUflame 2D at TP Police

Energotechnika – Energorozruch S.A. has decided to install EUflame 2D temperature mapping systems as part of their DeNOx projects at Grupa Azoty Zaklady Chemiczne “Police” SA and PGE Zespól Elektrowni Dolna Odra. The temperature level and distribution are decisive factors for selective non-catalytic reduction systems (SNCR).

EUflame 2D facilitates the injection of additives and enables to dose the right quantity at the right location. A big advantage which pays off in terms of high conversion rates and minimal additive slip with minimized operating costs. Moreover, plant operators receive helpful information about two-dimensional temperature profile, flame ball imbalances and fluctuations. Important input for optimization of combustion and an added value that many customers won’t miss once experienced.

If you like to experience our EUflame solution we are happy to demonstrate the capabilities in a trial. Please contact us.

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