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Biomass online particle analysis with EUcoalsizer. Oct. 03, 2015

Atikokan Generating Station powered by EUcoalsizer

EUcoalsizer installation at Atikokan Generating Station

EUcoalsizer installation at Atikokan Generating Station

EUtech successfully commissioned an EUcoalsizer mobile system at Atikokan Power Station, Ontario, Canada. Atikokan Generating Station underwent a coal to biomass conversion in September 2012. With its 205 MW capacity, it is now North America’s largest purely biomass-fueled power plant.

The EUcoalsizer mobile system with its direct readings and continuous measurement capabilities enabled fast control of fuel fineness and distribution through online adjustment of classifiers and mill parameters. As a result the combustion quality was improved and emission levels were kept to the minimum.

For more information: Online analysis of coal particles with EUcoalsizer

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